The Team

UPPström Racing, founded in 2022, is a racing team of ambitious engineering students enrolled in more than 10 different programmes at Uppsala University, eager to turn their theoretical knowledge into practice. Competing in MotoStudent, with an self-designed, constructed and manufactured FULLY BATTERY ELECTRIC racing motorcycle prototype, is the first Milestone with an promising future in several student racing competitions to come. Our interdisciplinary team is the FIRST SWEDISH TEAM EVER to compete at Motorland Aragon against other universities from all over the world.

The Mission

UPPström Racing means not only enjoyment and sharing a common passion of motorsport, but also a beginning of something new at Uppsala University. We work across the curriculum, being a new opportunity for students to prepare for their future careers, network and share a passion by learning from each other. During our first season, we aim for the best rookies and finishing among the best 5 teams in our competition category.

The Competition

The seventh season of the student racing competition MotoStudent will take place in Spain in 2023 and is divided into two phases:
During the MS1 phase, economic efficiency and project management are evaluated, where aspects such as cost, design, innovation and implementation are included in the scoring.
During the MS2 phase, the motorcycles are tested for safety and functionality through various static and dynamic disciplines. These include, for example, technical inspection, brake testing and various performance tests. The dynamic events are awarded different points, which are later used in the final scoring. The MS2 phase is concluded with a final race at the MotorLand Aragón Circuit.


Would you like to become a part of the success story of Uppsala University’s student motorsport team? As a sponsor of UPPström Racing, you would have the unique opportunity to support the first and only Swedish team participating in MotoStudent. Feel free to contact us anytime!




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